Neverland: To Disney and Beyond
70 Sloof Lirpa!

Ahoy mateys, and welcome back to yon Pirate Podcast! Hoist yer colors and prepare to set sail with Cap'n Scurvy Jones and his first mate what can't remember his own pirate name!

Load yer cannons and take aim at that scoundrel Pan on his lil' Neverland, and there be rum fer all me hearties!

First mateys, we must conduct into our faithful crew with help from the likes of Long John Silver and Cap'n James Hook. Then put on yer thinkin' tricorne and be ready learn all the pirate facts ye be needin' to set sail with yer crew of proud buccaneers!

Grab yer cutlass and pistols for a grand time!

Then we'll set sail with a Lost Boy named Jesse, a story teller named Thurl Ravenscroft, and then on yer own across the Caribbean to meet bloodthirsty pirates and pillage a village.

And remember, dead men tell no tales!

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