The Neverland Podcast (bonus content)
Halloween in Neverland!

Just a bit of a treat for you from your friends at The Neverland Podcast!

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83.5 Disneyland Opening Day Part 8

July 17, 1955

To all who come to this happy place, welcome-Walt Disney


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75.5 The Stories of Uncle Remus

Psst, come'ere.

I've got something for you.

Something a bit....controversial.

I didn't have time to fit it into episode 75, so I'm giving it to you as a little....surprise.


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71.1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Panel

star-wars-force-awakens_612x380 Yesterday started a full on geek frenzy with new information coming out about the upcoming film in the Star Wars franchise. Frankly, I started with only a trailer to go on and I made a few guesses as to what I was seeing. After seeing the panel presentation, I learned so many things I thought I was seeing were wrong. So, I've grabbed the audio from the panel and I am presenting it to you! Plus, take a good look at some supposed leaked poster art!


There is more to come, in fact I'm anticipating the trailer for the new Star Wars Battlefront game coming this holiday season!

The Force is surely with us!

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47.5 Marvel Event/Halloween Music

A big announcement from Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios!  

And some Halloween fun.

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45.50 Big Hero 6, Tomorrowland, Daredevil

I've gathered some audio from the New York Comic Con.  Enjoy!

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34.5 Agents of Marvel, Comicon Panel 2014

Panels for Marvel's Agents of Shields and Agent Carter from SDCC 2014

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34.25 ComicCon 2014 Marvel Panel!

The Ant-Man and Avengers Age of Ultron panels!  Hosted by Chris Hardwicke.

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32.5 Thor is a Woman?

Marvel made an announcement via The View this morning.  What do Jeremy Pan and Lost Boy Phillip think?


They think they've seen this before.  In their fan film, "Supers!", Jeremy's wife, Pixie Heather, played Thor!

<a href=";index=2&#038;list=PL425E9A76790470BB">Supers Trailer</a>


<a href="" title="Supers!">Watch all episodes of Supers!</a>

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26.5 Tim Devine Unfiltered

The complete discussion with Tim Devine ranging from Disney to Harry Potter and more!

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