Neverland: To Disney and Beyond
39 Skywalking with Star Wars Rebels

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! You know what's always a good time in Neverland?  Talking about Star Wars!  Join with us this week as we take a ride on Star Tours with Lost Boy Jesse, if he survives an imperial firing squad. 

And then we welcome some special guests this week, Richard and Sarah from Skywalking Though Neverland!  These two mysterious friends have the ability to Skywalk...which is very strange to us, because we usually fly with pixies around here.  We can clearly say that the Force must be with them!

They'll join us for a delightful look at the upcoming Disney XD series, Star Wars Rebels!

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38 A TARDIS Adventure!

Welcome back to The Neverland Podcast!  This week Jeremy and Heather have hopped on the TARDIS for some adventure. 

While on their voyage, they'll share some Disney and Marvel news before diving headlong into a conversation about the new season of Doctor Who with the 12(13) Doctor, Peter Capaldi!

Grab your pixie and remember, DON'T BLINK!


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37 Friends of the Magic 2014

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast!  This week Jeremy has a special announcement about the future of the Neverland Podcast!  

After that we'll take a look at Frozen and dig a little deeper into the song, Let It Go.

Next we'll take a look at the career of Disney Legend, Robin Williams before diving head long into last weekends Friends of the Magic meet in Disneyland!



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36 TMNT Power! Townsend Coleman! Voice of Michelangelo and The Tick!

Welcome back to The Neverland Podcast!  This week we are doubling to dosage of TURTLE POWER  as we review the latest TMNT movie!  

After that, hold onto your shells as we welcome voice actor extraordinaire, Townsend Coleman!  He was a great interview and loads of fun!  


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35 Guardians of Neverland at Comic Con

Welcome back to The Neverland Podcast!  This week was filled with fun and excitement as Neverland gets to take a look at all the fun of the San Diego Comic Con! 

First, Jeremy Pan shares his review of Marvel's latest blockbuster movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy!  And then in cast one host isn't enough, Jeremy brings on the whole Neverland Team!

Lost Boys Phillip and Jesse along with Pixie Heather join The Pan to talk about Comic Con news and events in a hilarious mess of organized chaos!


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34.5 Agents of Marvel, Comicon Panel 2014

Panels for Marvel's Agents of Shields and Agent Carter from SDCC 2014

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34.25 ComicCon 2014 Marvel Panel!

The Ant-Man and Avengers Age of Ultron panels!  Hosted by Chris Hardwicke.

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34 Batman Turns 75

Welcome back to The Neverland Podcast! This week we proudly welcome back Scott and Tracy Morris from The Disney Indiana Podcast! Scott and Tracy recently went to The Hall of Heroes Museum to join in a celebration of Batman's 75th Anniversary. We'll talk about the event, and of course all about Batman from comics, tv, and movies! We'll also stray into a bit of Marvel and other fun topics. cincinatti train station hall of justiceCincinnati Train Station. Scott and Tracy's Hall of Heroes Album! Purchase Batman by Danny Elfman Batman Returns Mask of the Phantasm Buy Batman comic books Guardians of the Galaxy Comics!

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33 We Double Dare You to Listen!

Welcome back to The Neverland Podcast!  This week, Lost Boy Jesse hosts and takes you on a wild ride back to the early days of Nickelodeon.  Prepare to take a physical challenge through a slimy obstacle course as we Double Dare you to listen to the end of this weeks show!

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32.5 Thor is a Woman?

Marvel made an announcement via The View this morning.  What do Jeremy Pan and Lost Boy Phillip think?


They think they've seen this before.  In their fan film, "Supers!", Jeremy's wife, Pixie Heather, played Thor!

<a href=";index=2&#038;list=PL425E9A76790470BB">Supers Trailer</a>


<a href="" title="Supers!">Watch all episodes of Supers!</a>

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